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BESOTO caters to the needs of an array of reputed manufacturers globally. This calls for acute precision and perfection in all its operations. The company employs a rich team of design engineers working on latest CAD/CAM software stations for new & quick product development and improvement of existing ones. Backward integration for critical inputs ensures that the company has a leading edge in terms of flexibility & adaptability to customer needs.

A dedicated R&D department constantly strives to develop value added auto electric products in tandem with future requirements. The company has a well equipped Tool room with modern automatic machines to support huge volume production requirements as well as aid in speedy development of new products.

Research and Development

BESOTO owes its success to the efficient R&D that is relentlessly striving to achieve the best. The department has engineered value-added and highly advanced auto electrical parts at the most competitive prices. They bring new ideas and create unique designs based on extensive research, industry experience and customer feedback.